Marvelous 2018 Midterm Election Tracker

We are happy to release for public perusal our midterm 2018 Election Tracker.


Our midterm 2018 Election Tracker is our first publicly accessible prototype. It allows a user to see the last week of news stories relevant to a specific political contest and then explore both the stories and their sources.

Marvelous 2018 Nevada Election Tracker - Weekly Overview
Marvelous 2018 Nevada Election Tracker - Weekly Overview

We used the MBFC score as our baseline for the political bias and "factiness" (credibility) score for each publication.

You are also able to see visualizations of interesting language/text characteristics of the data.

2018 Nevada Senate Bigram Cloud
2018 Nevada Senate Bigram Cloud: Right-Center


In service to our goal of building natural language technology to discover and expose propaganda, disinformation and bias and enable advocates and policymakers to devise counter-measures and immunities we spent the last few months doing just that; building.

Essentially we took a bunch of rss news feeds and pulled them into our web-based annotation pipeline and started building out training data sets and subsequently models based on those training sets. Within a month or so we had built up enough training data that we had models for all of the 2018 US Senate races, 33 US House races, and 2 Gubernatorial races that we deemed interesting. For the house races they were either judged by others like FiveThirtyEight as "toss-up" or they were in states we had called home at some point in time.

The output of this effort is an enhanced news alert with a bunch-o-metadata and lightweight text and language analysis.

Near Term Roadmap

We'll be tracking 2018 through to the win for each race and working on adding in metadata for as many news sources as possible.


  • 2019 Election support
  • 2020 "Contender" tracking
  • Support for social media streams
  • UI/UX 

We are open to requests! Take a little time to explore and let us know if there is something you'd like to see.

Have a feature request, want to share an insight, or report a bug? Drop us a line via our contact form.

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