Bernie Sanders: Gamer, Socialist, or Revolutionary?

Bernie Sanders: Post Debate Analysis

Pre/Post Debate Social Media

Bernie Sanders was receiving around 23K mentions / day before the debate.  During the debates, his mentions spiked to ~70K/day. He’s maintained a slight uptick in the days following the 1st debate.

Bernie Sanders Twitter Mentions Pre/Post 1st Democratic Debate

Top Headlines

Top Twitter Narratives

“Bernie Sanders has half-baked ideas.”

“Bernie Sanders is a socialist (and will lose).” 

Pervasive are the incredulity and sarcasm at Sanders’ suggestions to erase student debt, and his ability to implement them.

Who’s Talking about Bernie?

Conversation about Sanders largely took place among the left-of-center Democratic base.

Bernie Sander B/C Ratings

Interesting Observations

There was a highly amplified tweet from Charlie Kirk (a conservative activist), accusing Bernie Sanders of prioritizing “others” (illegal immigrants and felons) over ordinary Americans.

Post-debate, organic Twitter support for Sanders is significantly outweighed by a combination of disappointed left-leaning folks and “concern trolling” from right-wing activists.

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