Marvelous AI’s mission is to increase access, education and utilization of machine learning and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technologies to promote literacy, understanding, and transparency of the technology. We wish to ensure that the benefits of AGI are widely and evenly distributed and the possible dangers transparently communicated to the broadest possible audience. We expect natural language processing and natural language generation to play a significant role and have a massive impact in the artificial intelligence space.

We look forward to sharing our open data sets with the community and contributing as much of our software to open source efforts as possible.

Our focus for the foreseeable future is on the following:

  • Projects that focus on insights and solutions to social problems in the developed world, such as disinformation, non-factual news, gender bias and bullying on the Internet.
  • Text extraction, classification, organization, and distribution of open datasets that assist with understanding or modeling major socio-economic issues in developed nations.
  • Machine ethics within the legal, social and economic domains.